Cannagarz: the ultimate in smoking

As a member at ClubM, you appreciate the finer things. When it comes to smoking cannabis, there is no more refined way to approach it than by sparking up one of Cannagarz’ masterfully crafted cannabis cigars.

Cigar aficionados like to bring out their cigars at special occasions. Smoking a fine cigar is a timeless and tasteful way to celebrate successes or other occasions. And now, with Cannagarz, cannabis connoisseurs can enjoy an experience boasting a level of refinement on par with Cuban cigars.

It’s the concentrate

You might be wondering how a cannabis cigar is any different from a blunt. The critical difference between the two lies in the wrap. Traditional blunts are made by hollowing out tobacco cigars and then refilling them with ground cannabis. Cannagarz, on the other hand, use the actual leaves of the marijuana plant to create the shell that holds the ground cannabis. They also include cannabis concentrates inside the wraps, not just ground flower. Before anything is done with the leaves, they are washed to remove dirt and residue that cakes onto the leaves while they’re curing. According to Cannagarz, this results in the best possible flavor for the smoker.

Many cannabis smokers (myself included) have quit using tobacco because of the health risks associated with it. This is not to say that smoking marijuana poses no health risks; any type of smoke is irritating to the lungs and can cause respiratory issues. However, marijuana smoke has not been linked with lung cancer in the way tobacco has been proven to be. Cannagarz offer the luxuries of cigar smoking without nicotine, as the casing is made of washed marijuana leaves and packed and with top-quality flowers and concentrates for an unmatched experience.

A careful process; a pure product

To make the cigars, Cannagarz uses wooden molds to compress ground flower into acannagarz being made long, cigar-like shape around a skewer. Next, rosin (which has the consistency of warm, not-so-sticky shatter) is basted onto the leaves that will be used to wrap the cigar guts. Rosin is used instead of butane or CO2 extracts for a pure, solventless product.

After the layer of adhesive oil paste is applied, kief is sprinkled on the leaves to add another source of concentrated THC. Finally, the leaves are wrapped around the skewered blunt guts until a secure and aesthetic shell is formed. Next the skewer is removed, leaving an opening in the middle of the cigar for air to flow through, ensuring smooth hits (the absence of which can sometimes be a problem with non-skewered cannabis cigars).

It’s not a celebration without a Cannagar

The end result is a top of the line product which can provide top-level effects for even large groups of people, when considering just how much exponentially longer a Cannagar lasts than a traditional blunt or joint. It is a new and exciting way of consuming cannabis (read: hard hitting), and an especially appealing one for groups.

The best news: ClubM now offers Cannagarz products! We know our members will love these products — don’t be surprised if you discover a new favorite way of medicating.


Dabbing shatter

Dabbing 101: A healthier alternative to smoking

You might think dabbing is complicated (or even scary) because it involves a blowtorch. Actually, it’s pretty simple. And it’s actually a healthier alternative to smoking plant material, because dabbing produces a vapor, not smoke.

To take a dab, you use a “dab rig,” basically a small bong that has a titanium / quartz / ceramic nail.  There are two steps:

  • Heat the nail with a blowtorch until it turns red, then wait approximately 30 seconds for the nail to cool to 650 degrees Fahrenheit (at which point it will no longer be glowing red).
  • Using a dab tool, apply wax to the nail while inhaling through the dab rig.

In some cases a dome is put over the top to collect smoke, while in other cases the nail is “domeless” and a carb cap is put over the nail to aid vapor production.

The torch method has drawn criticism by some users who find the inhalation of residual butane or propane potentially harmful to their health. One reason to switch to dabbing from smoking is from a harm-reduction standpoint: smoking is irritating to the lungs and can cause respiratory problems. But dabbing does not involve smoke.

The e-nail is an alternative to using a torch

The downsides to using a torch for dabbing can be easily fixed by purchasing an electronic nail, or e-nail. These nails are specially built so that a coil can be placed around the nail, which, after being connected to a power box, acts as a heating element and keeps the nail at a constant, adjustable temperature. When using an e-nail, the user is not exposed to any butane or propane that was left on the nail after heating. Also, there is no guessing game as to exactly when the dab should be taken. It can be taken at any time, because the temperature is always set to the correct temp.

Different types of concentrated marijuana, or wax, include shatter, crumble, budder, and oil. Each different form of THC concentrate has different physical properties, caused by the differing methods used to make them. Usually a solvent is used to extract THC from cannabis – butane or CO2 are solvents most commonly used. Dabbers who are worried about the health effects of inhaling solvent residue need not worry, as there are solventless extraction methods as well, including ice water extraction and heat extraction. The only downside to the solventless extraction methods is that they tend to result in a finished product with lower potency than other THC concentrate methods.

Club M currently offers several high-quality concentrates of different types:

  • If you’re interested in an award-winning low-THC, high-CBD strain, you will enjoy the Blueberry OG shatter.
  • If you’re concerned about inhaling concentrate made with solvents, this solventless hash will put you at ease.
  • If you’re frustrated with the amount you need to smoke to achieve the desired effect, this potent Gorilla Glue shatter will knock your socks off.
  • And if you’re looking for a cut-rate deal on some reliable shatter that slightly varies in consistency from batch to batch, this shatter by Deviant Dabs will do just the trick.

Photo by Andres Rodriguez, Creative Commons